No visa rquirement



Bangladeshi origin foreign nationals (except SAARC countries) are eligible to obtain NVR in their foreign passports to visit Bangladesh. Their spouse and children are also eligible for this endorsement, which allows the holder multiple entries into Bangladesh with unlimited duration of stay within the validity of the passport. Applicants must submit the proof of residence in the State of Qatar for the endorsement. However, the authority reserves the right to reject any application at any time without ascertaining any reasons.


Application Process

A. Online application ( Online NVR Application)

B. Manual application (NVR Application Form)


Requirements for both online and manual applications
  1. Filled in NVR application form;
  3. Signature of applicant in application form within the signature marked area
  5. Recent passport size colour photo- 2 (Two) copies with white background;
  7. Original Passport (valid for at least six months with minimum two blank pages ) with a photocopy of photo page;
  9. Copy of the Qatar ID
  11. The applicant needs to submit the application in person and pay visa fees as required